Here at Bali Thai, we believe in quality dining combined with value for money. This is why we have a range of promotions for our cherished customers at all times! For festivities like Chinese New Year and Ramadan, we create set menus to appeal to all tastes at affordable price points.

Whether you want to dine in with friends and family on a weeknight or have Bali Thai cater your next special occasion, our set menus make it a very convenient affair for you and your guests.

From the newest menus to the latest discounts, we invite you to come join us as we prepare a range of Thai and Indonesian cuisine specialties with the authentic taste of South-East Asia all under one roof.

We provide delectable dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner – from the creamy comforts of Tom Yum Hotpot to the freshness of our Hor Mok Tolay (Seafood Otak in Young Coconut), our Thai and Indonesian flavours are a blend of traditional and modern takes on all your favourite classics.

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